Rutgers Student Affairs Conference 2013


Welcome to the 2014 Student Affairs Conference at Rutgers University. The members of the planning committee are proud to continue an event which provides our four campuses and colleagues from other institutions opportunities for professional development, networking, and self reflection.

We are proud to present the theme for our annual conference, “Distinction: Moving Forward Together.”  We, both as a division, and university at large, are moving into a new era that will align us with some of the top institutions in the country.

We have two guiding questions for the conference on which we challenge our division to reflect:

1. What makes us distinct? We are a unique and complex division, often ahead of national trends, and we hope you will utilize the conference as a way to recognize, learn and share promising practices with one another.

2.  What is yet to come?  Part of growing as practitioners is recognizing there is always more to learn.  This question is about “next” practices and how we encourage possibility. We want folks to reflect on the positive impact innovation, collaboration, and creativity can have on our collective spirit.

Distinction can be defined as “excellence that sets someone or something apart from others.” We hope that you will join us on December 11th so that we can shape and practice excellence, together.


The conference has been designed to provide participants with the opportunity to learn through engaging stories and dialogue in hopes that they will leave inspired and energized for their work in student affairs.

We look forward to connecting with you at this year’s conference! #RUSAC14

Registration for the conference is now closed.